Land Cleansing

Land Cleansing, Blessing and Crystal Gridding

I do house cleansing/blessings and also crystal grids. The clearings involve walking thru the home to find areas of negative energy and then using a formula to transform the detrimental energies into life enhancing energies.

The crystal grids are constructed with 91 small quartz crystals that are placed into the ground (like earth acupuncture) and then potentiated with prayerful intention and focus to create a vortex bringing in the intent. I like to think of them as standing prayers.

I truly enjoy the grids, probably because the first time that I actually saw energy was after the construction of a grid. I watched the energy rise up from the ground (sort of like heat waves) and then begin rotating, creating what looked like longitudinal and latitudinal lattices with a central core. Half was above ground and half below ground. It was quite impressive to behold since I had never seen such a thing before.

I have constructed many of them. They vary in circumference and of course in intent.

I do them separately or together.