What others say about Diane Roach

"Hey, Diane, I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I appreciate and LOVE you! I am so blessed to have you in my life and I am grateful.


"After my 1st visit I found peace for the first time in my life. Fast forward a couple years and now I can say I understand how people can be happy and content despite of what's happening around them.


"I no longer have to "try", I can just BE!! It's so amazing and I feel like I've been chasing this freely for years.


"Now I get to sit, bask and enjoy and I owe you a huge thanks for helping me get to this place. You're an amazing person; Thanks for being you!!" - Sherelle Ogden, Citi Bank - Virginia Beach, Virginia


"Diane has made a profound impact on my journey to wellness. Anxiety, anger and fear have been chronic symptoms since early childhood and even though my adult mind told me there were better choices my “twisted” gut said otherwise. Diane’s ability to see into the causal layers of my current and previous lives have allowed me to understand, forgive and change how I respond to what life shows me. Sessions with her always leave me with a sense of peace and calm, and more importantly the spiritual tools to claim my own healing. There is a remembrance of an inner joy emerging…Diane is truly an elixir for my spirit."

Frances DiMartino - Interior Designer - Virginia Beach, VA

"Few people have had as much impact on my life as Diane Roach.  There is nothing I can not discuss with her.  Whatever the topic, it is met with compassion, non judgment, and a sparkle of her humor that lightens weighty concerns.  She has just the right words and techniques to address the situation whether it is a physical ailment or a spiritual issue.  Diane is a master teacher in her use of everyday language and metaphors to explain complex spiritual truths.  But how she lives her life is the greatest teacher for she exemplifies these spiritual values.  I am truly blessed to know her." 

Janie Creecy, MSW - Retired Social Worker - Portsmouth, VA 

"I have been working with Diane Roach for several years as one of my spiritual coaches. As a coach I always need to keep myself clear, focused, and in the light. Diane has offered me insights that are brilliant on many topics from personal to business. I never leave Diane's office without feeling uplifted,  inspirited, and balanced. Diane has helped me with spiritual, emotional, physical challenges and assisted me through major blocks that have allowed me to see and experience life from a new level of consciousness. I always feel protected and enlightened when I am in Diane's presence.  She really is an EARTH ANGEL.

"It's hard to describe exactly what Diane does in our sessions but the bottom line is that it always works and working with her is one of my best investments into myself weekly. I have so appreciated Diane's work with me that I have sent friends and loved ones to her for assistance."

Lee Milteer - Speaker, Author, Coach - Virginia Beach, VA

"Many of my most exceptional healings have been initiated by Diane. Her skill and sensitivity allow me to receive healing and align both my recent past as well as past-life experiences. I can feel the energy work in my physical body that helps me create the positive change in my life that I seek. My life has gotten easier, more peaceful and happier since working with Diane. I plan to continue this work for the rest of my life."

Paige Fleming -  Copy Writer - Virginia Beach, VA


"My first session with Diane was due to a gift certificate given to me by my best friend and has turned out to be one of the most valuable gifts I have ever received. Diane’s immense depth of unconditional love, intuition, and multidimensional knowledge has given me new levels of understanding about my true being and always leaves me with a sense of well being and fortitude."

Barbara Giger – Business Owner - Virginia Beach, VA

"Recently I was hospitalized, gravely ill from sepsis while taking chemotherapy. It was uncertain if I would live through the night. I did, but I was not out of danger and remained very weak the next day when Diane Roach came to my hospital room to treat me. My blood pressure had been 60 over 40 for weeks prior to my hospitalization and I was not ambulatory. Twenty-four hours after Diane's treatment it became normal. That was the beginning of my slow, but steady recuperation from sepsis and continuation of chemotherapy."

Susan Stone - Television Production - Asheville, NC

"In working with Diane, I have experienced a profound strengthening and repair of the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of self. At times I have been dazzled and filled with abundant love and energy. Other  times I found the quiet peace I so desperately needed. Diane has the ability to clearly sense body/mind/spirit imbalances and works with integrity, intuition and well developed extra-sensory skills to help clear out negativity and correct energetic fields promoting health and wellness at very deep levels. I always leave the treatment with a complete sense of wellness and peace. Regarding her land energy work, the crystal grid installed at my home brought almost instant results."

Jean Hardesty - Lic. Acupuncturist - Virginia Beach, VA

"I feel Diane is so accepting and non-judgemental while being totally focused on the healing. She is open to dimensions others might miss. I feel she works from her heart and is extremely perceptive of energy."

Sharon Sloan - Holistic Healer & Animal Communicator - Leicester, NC

"I felt that I could not get better. Diane did a multi-modality session resulting in a very powerful release of major energy blockages. I was able to actually see and feel the original causes. And with the help of an extremely powerful guide that came through Diane, was able to release almost all of the aeons old patterns. The tightness and distortion in my chest and shoulders was noticeably less. And the neck pain and disjointed condition that had plagued me for years (regardless of treatments by allopathic and alternative medical  practitioners) was significantly relieved and continues to be."

Robert Yantiss - Systems Analyst - Hot Springs, NC

"My doctor was so impressed she measured and documented the results. My goiter had significantly shrunk after several sessions with Diane Roach."

Patricia Smith - Homemaker - Hot Springs, NC

"I really look forward to my sessions with Diane. I leave with renewed vitality, feeling well and with less pain. I am often transported to other realms of awareness - absolutely!"

Linda Stuck - Retired Office Manager - Jacksonville, FL

"Every time I receive a session from Diane I feel refreshed and rejuvenated. I always feel lighter and better, leaving without pain. I feel like a new person with more energy and zest for life. She has helped me grow in ways I would never have imagined."

Katie Graham - Massage Therapist - Atlanta, GA