Tibetan Eye Exercises

Improve your vision with exercises designed to strengthen your eyes and improve ocular disorders which can be exacerbated by daily and chronic stress, tension and anxiety.

The picture in these exercises was developed by Tibetan monks. When performed as described below, the exercises are designed to stimulate muscles and optic nerves. Practicing one or both of these exercises twice daily, in the morning and evening, may improve vision problems over time. Build up to the 30 seconds twice a day to avoid eye strain.

Copy this image to Word, or fomat of your choice. Click image and enlarge the snowflake to approximately 5 inches wide. Then print the snowflake. You can also get the Tibetan Eye Chart as an app. It’s at www.TibetanEyeChartApp.com.

Remove glasses or contacts.

Sit with back straight and the chart centered about one inch directly in front of your face with the center dot at nose level.

Move only the eyes, not your head.

Hold each movement for 30 seconds. It is important to hold for this length of time as this is the time required to break down the protein bridges holding your muscles locked as they are presently.

Begin by relaxing the eyes, closing them gently and cupping with the hands.

Eye Exercise Number One

Movement #1
Move both eyes clockwise around the outer circle from dot to dot, beginning with 12 o’clock.

Movement #2
Repeat this pattern, moving counterclockwise, again beginning with 12 o’clock.

Movement #3
Move eyes back and forth between dots at 2 o’clock and 8 o’clock positions.

Movement #4
Move eyes back and forth between dots at 4 o’clock and 10 o’clock positions.

End by relaxing eyes and cupping them with your hands.

Eye Exercise Number Two

1. Put the Tibetan wheel about one inch away from your eyes, placing your nose at the center of the image.

2. Don’t worry about whether or not you can see the image clearly. The focus should be on the movement not on how well you see during the exercise.

3. Moving out of the center of the snowflake image are a series of steps that take you to a ball at the end. As you breathe in, move your eyes progressively up from one step to the next until you see the ball.

4. Move the eyes back down the steps to the center as you breathe out.

5. Alternating from the step-ball segments of the snowflake image are straight spikes. After moving your eyes up and down the steps, move them up and down the spike, breathing in as you move them out and breathing out as you move them back towards the center.

6. Follow the pattern clockwise, then counter clockwise.

Again end by relaxing eyes and cupping them with your hands.