Up Coming Classes


This class came about through special request

On Sunday, March 18th from 9:30 until about 11:30 or 12:00 I will talk about:

Cycles, Involution and Evolution, the Wheel of Incarnation,

Spiritual Age, Mastery, as well as Beloveds and their spiritual children.

This class provides a Hidden Key

aiding deeper understanding of world mythologies and scriptures,

as well as providing a foundation to build upon

as you expand your knowledge of yourself,

the pathway you walk and by

unveiling the esoteric meaning of the greater mysteries.

The teaching was first brought through by my teacher shortly before her death in 1975. I have not taught this in its full version for a number of years. Occasionally I have given a “Cliff Notes” version to individuals. It is an oral teaching that I have never seen anywhere else. In the tradition of mystery schools, this class is by invitation only.

It is somewhat different from what I usually talk about, but should give you tools and insight into the greater plan and purpose of your Soul’s evolution. It helps explain “How It All Works”.

Please be kind enough to let me know if you would like to attend, as space is limited and is on a first come basis.

The cost is $100.00 and it is being held at Island Oasis Chrippractic, 620 Village Drive, Virginia Beach, VA

As always, if you have taken the class before and want to take it again, your cost would be half price or $50.

Hope you can join us. Have a beautiful, Spirit filled day.




$10000 -  Reserve Your Space

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757 363-0925 or cell 757 353-7553 or email: earthsurya@hotmail.com


"The Most Beautiful and Most Profound Emotion We Can Experience is the Sensation of the Mystical" - Albert Einstein