Today Diane uses

Today Diane uses all of her skills
in spiritual teaching and counseling, Advanced Energy Healing, Surya, Quantum Touch, Polarity Therapy, Esoteric Healing, Matrix Energetics, Energetic Osteopathy and Axiatonal Reconnection. She dances with each of her client’s unique potential as she facilitates their greater mergence with Self.

Using her sensitivities and perceptive insight into each soul’s evolutionary quest allows Diane to help her clients begin lifting their veils of separation – thinning the boundaries between spirit and matter.

During their sessions with Diane her clients begin to recalibrate and elevate their habitual state of being, their “home frequency” so to speak. This enlivens their cells allowing clients to experience greater health and well-being. This awakens the emotions to a more exquisite level of refinement. This helps to quiet the litanies of negative mental chatter. The nervous system relaxes and healing on all levels begins to take place as the bodies own self-correcting mechanism enhances.

Enlightenment accompanies a stress free physiology. As Diane likes to put it in her rather laid back sense of humor way, “I like my clients to be in their bodies, out of their minds and full of themselves.” It is in its highest spiritual sense a very good way to be. Diane helps everyone journeying toward ever greater ensoulment with a compassionate hearth that facilitates her client’s personal unfoldment with gentleness, ease and grace.