Not Limited

But do not imagine her work is limited to esotericism.

Diane begins by first touching into the immediate need of her clients. For some this might be a desire to improve their well-being and health. Others come to Diane for greater clarity about themselves and life. Others come for help to stop struggling so hard with abundance. Whatever the initial reason (pain, depression, self-doubt, a desire for spiritual growth, the need for greater security, to help shift abusive patterns in their lives, etc.) Diane helps her clients release the distortions, come into greater alignment and learn more compassion and love for themselves. She helps them as they begin to transition into a fully saturated spiritual soul. She helps them more fully enjoy and embrace the thrill and wonder of life and all its creative and empowering moments.

Diane helps others to free themselves of coagulated energies so that they can live their lives dancing more fully in the higher octave of their soul essence.

This facilitation takes many forms. Diane has
been associated with a mystery school from age 20. She gained vast experience in spiritual counseling and the emotional needs of the soul before retiring from a 30 year ministry with The Church of Ontology and moving to Virginia Beach in 2004. Although gifted psychically she was surprised when she was “told” to learn light healing, dowsing, polarity therapy, crystal gridding and that she would be working with walls of light to clear large land masses of negative energy. This was back in the 1990’s when she was still a full-time minister, content with her duties in the Church of Ontology and enjoying the interaction of her congregation. Most of the things she was asked to learn she had never heard of and/or had no idea where to find the teachings or the teachers.

And thus began years long intensive, study and transformation that opened Diane to the greater possibilities of Self – the Self she had touched into so long ago in childhood.