Celebrating the Soul

All about Diane Roach
Even as a child Diane expressed sensitivity and a unique knowingness about the celebration of the soul.

One of her earliest memories is akin to the surge and dynamic power of creation itself. She remembers sitting on the couch with her father and grandfather watching a television show about the splitting of atoms. This was in the early mid 1950’s when she was about 3 ½ years old. It was a time when the cold war was at its height and thoughts of nuclear holocaust were in the air.

But not for Diane. She was fascinated with the idea of splitting atoms and knew that she could do it. So the very next morning she took her father’s heavy hammer, sat on the sidewalk and, using both hands, pounded the cement. Lo and behold, sparks flew and she “knew” she was splitting atoms. She remembers that strong, commanding feeling of empowerment, saying that it was the most powerful she has ever felt in her life.

Okay, some may smile at the childish play. After all it’s just imagination. But here’s the thing: there was the knowingness within Diane that she could tap into this dynamo of creation. There was the confidence and ensuing action to make it happen. There was the emotional thrill of creative power surging throughout her being. She was not a child playing. She was an alchemist working with the building blocks of creation. It was real to her – an experience never to be forgotten. In that moment the full percentage of Self and the magnitude of its possibilities radiated thru her without filters, limitations or distortions.

It is a memory that has served her very well. It ignited a spark of remembrance, a felt sense of the unlimited power of spirit. It awakened a desire to ever more fully play with the wonder of creativity. At that moment she was saturated by and totally full of Self.

When asked what she does as a healer Diane tends to bottom line it. “I help reconnect people with the fullness of their souls. Call it the Inner Christ, the Buddha Body, the Higher Self – it's all the same thing.”