Prodigal Son

Like the prodigal son

Like the prodigal son we have left our fatherís house to journey forth on our own. We incarnate so that we too might become self-conscious co-creators. Innately we know our heritage. We begin to feel uncomfortable in our bodily form as we experience life thru the distorted blinders of me and everyone else. We are trying to get back to that comfortable state of unity. Eventually we stop the criticisms, angers, shame, the sense of impotence and singularity. We stop not loving ourselves. This act is pivotal and central to our evolutionary process.

As these distortions heal and drift away your health improves, emotions stabilize and your mind becomes clearer. You claim your purpose. Once again you embrace Oneness, Totality, the Absolute, God.
Once you de-stress and soften, you allow the fullness of who you are to bubble forth from your essential essence. Then you are as the prodigal son returning to the fullness of home.