The Goal

The goal is to soften

The goal is to soften the tensions in your body, be they physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. 

Are you “up tight and bound into knots”? Is your body inflexible or stiff? Do you ever feel like your have steam blowing out of your ears? Do you ever get a peach pit tightness constricting your throat? Will your racing mind shut off so you can sleep at night? Do you recite a litany of injustices done unto you?

Do you ever feel like you don’t deserve the good things in life, or that they will never come to you? Do you feel empty, wishing you knew what your life’s purpose is? Do you run around in circles while seeming to get nowhere? 

These are all detrimental qualities embedded in your psycho-physiology. They distort your experience of life, embroiling you in a nether world of your own making. To enjoy the dance of life in its joyous unfolding, these spiritual and mental distortions, thickened emotions and cellular programs need to be purified, transmuted and transformed into their higher vibratory capabilities. 

When the filters of distortion well-up and bubble out of you, then life takes on greater aliveness and you soar into a relationship with your physicality that is truly wondrous. This relationship begins to reflect itself as a more and more refined form of consciousness that affects even the cellular matrix of your bodily tissues. You begin to mirror and resonate with the “Divine Ground of Beingness”. 

This divine ground of beingness is the thousand names of God. It is the Unified Field of physics. It is a state of pure consciousness from which all becomes manifest. Almost like noticing your reflection out of the corner of your eye as you pass a mirror, consciousness becomes aware of itself. Then duality is formed. Where there was one, now there is two. Then like a row of dominos falling, the two become the three, become the many and worlds are manifest. But this outward manifestation comes at a cost – separateness, separation, loss of connection. These are feelings we all struggle with. We just want to feel loved and a part of and whole. We want to feel the state of oneness from which we originated.