Imagine what it would feel like to free yourself from limitation and awaken to your true nature!

When you become consciously aware of and integrate the exquisiteness of your being, this truth becomes love moving with fluidity through every aspect of you.

This is not the touchy-feely love generally associated with your emotional body. This love is more profound. It is a state of consciousness that lifts, aligns, attunes and integrates your essential, divine nature into your physicality. 

You become one with law, not because you have to force yourself into a certain way of being. Rather you cannot be any other way. You have touched divinity and have also found it reverberating within your own heart and the very cells of your body. 

Self criticisms, judgments, angers, and shame chain you to repeating cycles of depression, victimization, or perhaps a need to control. Your body responds to the internal dialog and illness, accidents, or lack of financial and emotional well-being ensues. Confidence and clarity are seldom found.