Delving Below the Quantum

Delving below the quantum level into the Unified Field

We will delve below the quantum level to the point of pure potential that lies in the Unified Field, the Absolute, the Transcendent, the Mind of God, call it what you will. From there in addition to working with 12 chakras and 8 levels of your auric field, you may touch into parallel universes or time travel. This gives you the opportunity to resonate and entrain your cells to an enhanced and purified way of being. This releases more stress from your psycho-physiology, once again allowing the depth of your being to more easily shine its light thru the tissue paper into your physicality. 

In your session you may experience one or a blend of the many modalities I frequently use (Spiritual Counseling, Matrix Energetics, Quantum Healing, Surya, Esoteric Healing, Advance Energy Healing, Polarity Therapy, Energetic Osteopathy, Shamanic Healing or Axiatonal Reconnection). The purpose of all these is to weave together an individualized, transformational session unique to you and to stimulate the self-correcting mechanism that wells up within. 

Your life may seem restless and unfulfilled. You may repeat many limiting patters, always dodging and filled with criticisms. Your health or your finance may not be as you would like. But always underlying your 3-D body and its stresses the fullness of who you are is calm and undisturbed like deep ocean water. The “problems” and “illnesses” and “anxieties” or “depressions” are merely surface waves. However, when they are churning and raging it is impossible to know the depth of the stillness underneath. 

I like to think of the environment surrounding your cells as representative of software computer programming. The cells are the hardware. If the software is in static, short circuiting, or crashing, so to speak; then the cells are receiving incorrect information. By raising frequency, clearing distortions, and clarifying vibrations you are metaphorically getting de-fragged, de-bugged and having viruses removed. The many layers of the cardboard begin to peel away, so there is merely a thin veil between you and the Unified Field of Divine Consciousness, the oneness and connectedness your soul longs for.