More About Your Session

More to know about your session
My goal is to facilitate your inner transformation and expansion with as much gentleness, ease and grace as possible. I love this saying from India, “When you have taken out the trash, there is no need to sift thru the garbage.” If emotions well up naturally that is fine, but it is never the objective. Rather they are the natural reflection of your body purifying itself of unwanted stress. 

The modalities I work with are all interwoven together creating a unique and individualized experience for you. I dance with them, listening to and feeling your tonal qualities so that you partake of exactly what you need in the moment. I do not use an overlay of what I think would be good for you. Rather I help to facilitate an unfolding and refining of the unique and exquisite being that you already are – the you that wells up from the true depth of your being. 

Together we will help to refine and define a new energetic posture, a new way of being with yourself and with the world. 

Often during a session I see images. Some may be about a past influence that is affecting you. Some are metaphorical for the way I am sensing a certain level of your auric field, meridian flow, mental thought form, or your overall vibration. 

Sometimes I may be dialoguing with you. Sometimes I may be focusing on a frequency and working in silence allowing your cellular matrix to begin resonating with a more beneficial, life enhancing inflow. 
We will start off talking a bit: about you, your health, your intent, etc. Also know that during your session it is not uncommon to sense unseen beings in the room or to feel “spirit hands” touching you. These are pleasant and comforting experiences.