What to Expect

What to expect in your session

From the depth of your being a light shines upon all that you are. The goal is to rest into the fullness of that greater you. Then your personality body of this 3-D world becomes like thin tissue paper: the light can easily radiate thru.  

Unfortunately, stress in your psycho-physiology adds layers and layers to this tissue paper, so that it can become like many ply cardboard. Then you have to twist and bend and punch holes in the cardboard to get some perception of the light. This is not the easy way. This is the way of limiting belief systems and paradigms. This is the way of trying to be what others want you to be. This is the way of trying to follow a model that someone else says will bring you health and happiness and connection. This is the way of useless affirmation, exertive hard work, lack and ill health. All of this “dis-ease” has its basis in some form of stress and distorting tension, not in the fullness of your true divine essence. 

When you have your session with me, I always honor and align with the depth of who you are. I never align with “the problem” or the “condition” or the “emotional distress”. These are just like nails that have been pounded into you. To constantly focus on them is the drive the nails ever deeper. 

To do so is like picking at a scab, keeping the wound open. Instead, by holding the “problem” or “situation” or “desire” lightly, we are able to dance around “it” so that you can begin to de-stress and tonify. Thus your vibratory rate rises. Your cells detox and purify, becoming more efficient and healthier. Your emotions lighten and your mind clarifies as your rationality is heightened. Your frequency transforms. Working this way is more like having numerous nails situated in a block of ice. When the vibratory rate of the block of ice raises and it melts, all the nails can be freed. 

So when together we will work with frequency and vibratory rate. Your body has an innate intelligence that knows how to heal itself.