Chakras 8 Thru 12

Chakras 8 Thru 12 - your "Upper Column"

I work with a 12 chakra system. Chakra 8 is represented by the lotus blossom often depicted on Lord Buddha’s head. This chakra, known as the Causal Body or the Soul Star, can be thought of as the interface between the lower 7 chakras of your personality body and the “upper column” leading toward chakra 12. Chakra 12 holds the essence of who you truly are without distortion. 

Some of these distortions come from past traumas. These past traumas may have had significant impact on your self-image. For instance, if you break up with someone you’ve had a crush on in high school, while painful emotionally, it won’t have the same impact on you as it would if you have been suddenly and unexpectedly dumped by your partner of 30 years. This kind of deep trauma may be held in one of the chakras of your “upper column”. These upper centers deal with more spiritualized attributes of yourself. 

Chakra 9 is the center of Ah-Ha knowing. It holds the universal field of divine knowing in its highest form. In its contraction it is the center of debilitating paradigm and belief systems. Chakra 10 deals with Spiritual Love and Wisdom – a love that comes from unity and not need. It is impersonal as it does not need reciprocity. In its distortion it can manifest as fanaticism, fundamentalism, neediness, or any false sense of spiritual love predicated on counterbalancing an underlying emptiness. Chakra 11 is the center of Spiritual Will and Power. When deficient you may experience “power outages”. Sometimes these may manifest as a depletion of bodily energy or ill health. Perhaps there is a backing away from or a reluctance to stand in the fullness of who you really are. You may desire to energetically “hide” and not be seen.  

By working with these higher centers many long held and detrimental habits or ways of being can soften. Attention will have been given to the initial wound and, like putting ointment and a band-aid on a cut, helps to facilitate your body’s healing process